Discover the Luxury of a Straight Razor Shave that Few Modern Men Have Experienced...shaving gift certificate

In 1800 a safety razor was invented, but was not worthy of anything good. It would be almost a hundred years later, in 1892, that Mr. Gillette stamped out his double edged razor blade and changed the shaving practices of men forever. The single edge barber's razor became a thing of the past for most traveling business men.

But now, the big knife razor has made a comeback -- as long as it is in the right hands. The key to a good shave, and a good razor, is in the stropping. Untrained barbers were unable to properly strop their razors, and therefore it was hard to keep the edge and even harder to provide a good, clean, shave. Stropping cleans the blade and keeps it in top condition.

We, at the House of Ebbitt, are lucky to have a master with the blade. You can relax in a 100 year old restored barber chair - recline and relax - hot towels, lather and a close shave.

Feel like a million bucks - fresh and alert! A luxury that every man will appreciate - Recline and Relax!

House of Ebbitt's Straight Razor Shave makes the perfect, unique, men's gift!
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